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Privacy Policy

Ashlar Urban Realty Inc. (Ashlar Urban) collects personal identifying information from this Web site to the extent that either a visitor’s web browser automatically provides such information to our web server (such as the visitor’s e-mail address, IP address or the Web site or domain from which the visitor linked to our site), or a visitor has specifically provided it to us, whether in order to contact through the Web site, to requestion specific information on a property, marketing a property, to request information or documents we produce or distribute, to request information about services we may or do provide directly or through our affiliate NAI Members, alliance partners or other service providers or otherwise.

Except where a visitor has provided personal identifying information in order for us to respond directly, Ashlar Urban uses such information only in an aggregated form to see how the Web site is being used in order to measure the popularity and effectiveness of the Web site and of distinct Web pages. Where a visitor has provided personal identifying information in order for us to respond directly, Ashlar Urban uses that information solely to respond to the request, or may forward the information to a third party (including an NAI Member, alliance partner or other appropriate service provider) for response, depending on the area of the inquiry.

We do not disclose personal identifying information to third parties unless it is necessary to respond to inquiries from specific Web site visitors (as described above) or is required by law or by any government, judicial, or administrative mandate. If a visitor to this Web site believes that they have inappropriately been contacted by us or by a third party as a direct result of accessing this Web site, the visitor should immediately notify us.

Ashlar Urban reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement from time to time by posting such changes on this Web site.